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2002-04-14 - 8:18 a.m.

Yesterday we moved some stuff and did some landscaping ... and finally got the phone line fixed. Everything costs money --- this month's bills are going to be outrageous.

I found out that my lesbian student aggressively flirted with a girl (who actually thought she was a boy) and thereby set back her release from the behavior unit for a while longer. I also found out (from Paulson) that she is living with a another family ( well, I knew that part, because the daughter in that family is on my team) made up of two lesbians and their child. Her own mom kicked her out for, you guessed it, being gay. Verona said, "It sounds like '(name of school) Turns' is still going strong."

It made me think of people I've known who never had the option of hiding their sexual orientation. A lot of those folks ended up getting in trouble a lot, acting out and therefore getting in more trouble, etc. Why can't school systems figure that out? Because, I suppose, of bigotry combined with taking the easy way out.

I need to pack today, clean, spend quality time with the parents, do progress reports ... and I'm sure there's more. Sigh. What I would like to do is go hiking. Yesterday Vero and I were looking at her Grand Canyon trip scrapbook (I have one, too; she, Paulson, and I went on a huge road trip very soon after meeting each other at work and tempered our friendships in the fire of 24/7 car living), and I really missed traveling. There is something special about being on the road, seeing things you've never seen before and may never see again. I miss that.



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