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2002-04-16 - 6:41 p.m.

Not much to report today. I was trapped in a room with the kids watching them take TAAS all freaking day! Talk about boredom. I'd rather take the damn test than watch kids take it - you can't DO anything. You can't read, do work, sit down, look at any test booklets, look out the window, etc. Just stare at children who are already nervous as it is. This morning before classes started I saw a girl walking down the hallway and she looked positively sick with anxiety. Poor kids. That's the other side of high stakes testing. There's gotta be a way to get information, keep schools "accountable", and measure progress that doesn't totally disrupt school, traumatize kids, and bore teachers to tears.

There's a big thunderstorm a-brewin' outside. I hope that the cable doesn't go out when Buffy is on. Vero just as fervently hopes that the Spurs game isn't interrupted.

Speaking of Verona, her best buddy from work quit suddenly. That REALLY sucks because she has so few people that she trusts/ opens up to and he was one. She has kind of used him as a "role model" of sorts - she's doing the coming out process/thing that I did in high school/college and he's been very helpful to her because he came out later in life, too. I feel really bad because he was becoming a good friend to her and I'm concerned that she may lose that relationship. It's still rather cloudy as to whether he'll leave The Company, but it's not looking good.



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