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2003-06-15 - 8:18 p.m.


This year has been exceptionally stressful for several reasons:

First, I have had to learn to live in this new place and to compromise with Verona. She is a major neat-freak (to the point where she thinks she might be a teeny bit OC) and I am a slob. There ain't much middle ground there.

Second, my kitty vanished. She left her collar behind, mysteriously, and I hope she's OK and will reappear but I am afraid she is dead.

Third, my school has sharply declined in almost every way. I can't respect my bosses, there is a lot more violence there, our standards have gone down, etc. I'm about fed up.

Fourth, relationships can sometimes be difficult. Nuff said, right?

Fifth, I have not been terribly healthy for the last few months. Nothing major --- just sick very frequently, probably due to stress.

Sixth, my parents have not been terribly healthy for the last few months. Major surgeries.

But there have been good things happening.

First, the house is far better than the apartment in every way. Private. Quiet. We have a huge yard. More space. Air conditioning. Nice neighbors.

Second, we got a puppy. From the Humane Society.

Third, I got a summer job at which I will be making $25 an hour. I start on Monday and go for 4 weeks --- full time employment. Inside, in the AC, doing writing/computer type stuff.

Fourth, I've come out to several people at work and it has been a very positive experience. I never really had friends at work, but now I'm letting myself get closer to some of them. It's nice to be able to participate in a way that I've never let myself before. It's different from being out in college. I don't know how. It just is.

Fifth, I got a new, younger doctor, to whom I also came out, and I have every confidence in her. My old doctor died a few months ago. I never felt comfortable being totally honest with him because he was my baby doctor and so much older than me. The new doctor is younger than me and very no-nonsense. I like that. I feel better knowing that I can be out to her; I think I'll receive more accurate healthcare because of that.

Sixth, my parents have improved their health lately and have found lots of cool things to do with their time. They joined a computer club and a rose club and keep very busy. My dad loves hanging out with people who share his techie interests and they both like hanging out with other gardeners.

So it's all good, in the end. You just have to slog through to get there!



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