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2003-06-17 - 6:58 p.m.

Second day on the summer job. Basically two days of meetings and attempts to get us excited about the work. We actually start doing work tomorrow.

My fellow teachers on this project are kind of boring. Some are nice, some are so ... colorless, a couple are obnoxious. One woman bent this poor man's ear for 30 minutes (as he was waiting for a group of us to complete a task) about HER classroom and HER kids and HER philosophy and HER curriculum and then she got off on "kids today" and the terrible dangers which IMing and rap music pose to the English language. What crap.

And there is the usual percentage of teacher bitching. Teachers love to bitch about how tough everything is at their school, how the cards are stacked against them, etc. Maybe it's because we have such low self-esteems about our jobs. Who knows.

The cool cool cool thing is that this job is at Verona's workplace and, although most of her coworkers know about the 2 of us and know me, I still get that same little flirty excited feeling seeing her there. It's fun sitting with the other teachers and watching Vero run the meeting and knowing that we're going home together that night.

The other cool thing is that, if my eyes do not deceive me, there are about thirty billion lesbians there.



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