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2002-09-04 - 8:44 p.m.

Today was our first football game. The kids were great - excellent sportsmanship. Actually, sportspersonship as we have two female football players this year. The crowd, however, was boorish and rude. How can grown people shout obscenities at children and mock them for mistakes, scream cuss words in a crowded stand full of little kids, and make fun of an opposing coach's physical handicap? What kind of people are these? The crowd is the main reason I seldom attend football games. And this was a middle school game. Hardly the pros.

In other news, it seems all I do is eat, sleep, and sleepwalk school. When will it all slow down? Then I got a phone message about our neighborhood association. I had rashly, during the summer, mentioned that I might be able to help out with editing the newsletter. Well, that turned into being the editor of the newsletter. I don't even have time for just simple editing. I'm going to have to call the woman back tomorrow and let her know because I can't do any more - especially stuff I don't care about. If I have free time I plan to spend it at the GLBT youth group. Plus, Verona and I are supposed to start exercising next week so I need to leave time for that.

I hate working. It'scriminal that so much of life and effort is spent in "getting and spending." Who came up with this system again?

Monday I made a shelf for part of my elephant collection. I painted it purple, affixed glass beads to the sides, and painted two beautiful elephants on top. I was so very proud of it and it made me feel good to MAKE something. I want to learn how to hook a rug, too. I just came over all crafty!



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