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2002-08-23 - 6:41 p.m.

I thought today would be awful and it was actually OK. Verona had to force me to get up and go to work, but it wasn' t so bad once I got there. But I am exhausted, so this'll be brief.

I found out from the nurse that the lesbian student enrolled in a district across town (on the richer side of town). They called our nurse and inquired about our (ex)student saying, "Well, we think she has a personality disorder - that she is unsure of her identity." Our nurse shot right back, "She's not unsure of her identity at all. She knows exactly who she is!" I guess they haven't encountered any kids who are out at that school. Poor kid.

I made a really dry survey about education (called, strangely enough, "education"). I am actually curious about what folks think of different issues, but I'm not kidding myself that many people will fill it out. And I'm not feeling creative enough right now to write one on anything else.




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