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2003-06-25 - 10:42 p.m.

Well, I went out with a friend (let's call her Ms. Sarcasm) and bought 100 bucks worth of books. I am so bad! She only spent 50. But I only spent 70 or so on myself because I bought my mom the new Harry Potter book. She wants it for her birthday.

Today was another eh- day. I talked to a woman about a job as an editor. I don't know. I don't want to leave teaching without really thinking it through ... but I'm still kind of burned out and don't want to think about it. I need to discuss it with Verona but she's out of town for more work related meetings until saturday.

My poor doggie is outside in the dark. At least he is not barking at frogs. That is his only annoying habit.

I don't feel like writing very much. I feel like being creative. I want to get the next issue of the zine out, but each time I decide to work on it I drag out all the stuff I' ve written and collected and I get too overwhelmed. So then I think I should scale down and do a smaller zine, but I'm always kind of disappointed when I receive a small zine because I want to read MORE. Maybe I flatter myself, but I think if I tried to cut stuff out anyone reading it would want to read more about some of the topics.

I posted the Donkey Lady Road info on The Moonlit Road and a lot of people have posted info. Sadly, a couple of idiots wrote about how they went out there and threw rocks at the Roaring 20s Club and broke windows, etc. It's stuff like that that makes me despair of human nature. Why destroy something historic and beautiful and strange and mysterious? What's wrong with people like that? It made me not want to post any more information - that's for sure.



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