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2003-06-26 - 6:46 p.m.

Ha! Let's hear it for the Supreme Court! I was never that concerned about the po-lice busting down the door and arresting us for "sodomy" (as defined in Texas), but this ruling ushers in (hopefully) protections which will put us queer citizens on an equal footing with straight citizens. For instance, some day I may be able to be out at my job without the persistent fear of being fired.

I am learning all about my coworkers. It is amazing how much people will tell you about themselves. It's as though we (myself included --- I'm here aren't I?) have this burning desire to be KNOWN. Maybe we sense that we are so terribly alone and we crave to make connections for that very reason. Or maybe we are just pack animals.

I'm reading this really interesting and humorous book called Stiff! about the uses to which cadavers are put (crash testing, studies on decay rate, etc.). The author has a funny yet respectful tone, if you can imagine that.



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