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2002-08-21 - 4:28 p.m.

I had posted my information on the Donkey Lady on one of the discussion boards at The Moonlit Road (yes, I know, I need to start using the links again - I'm just too damn lazy!) and a couple of people have responded. If you are interested in the Donkey Lady, you may enjoy these.


MudvayneChick:(1/3/02 11:38:16 pm)

My friends & I went ghost hunting on Halloween of 2001. We live in San Antonio & have all heard the story of the Donkey Lady. She is located off Applewhite Rd. going toward Pleasonton. Well, we went down there & we parked our car there to see what happens. We did not see her like other people have said but we did hear tapping on the car on the hood & the back window. We were all sober so we heard what we heard. It started getting louder 'cause she is trying to push you off into the woods. It was pretty

scary for us. Later when we went to our friend's house, we saw markings on the cars. So if no one believes me, so be it. But for me, it's something I'll never forget.


I've read and heard a lot of stories like this one. This seems to be the typical story about the Donkey Lady. Many times there is a car involved - because Texas is such an automobile kind of place, maybe?


mystik107aolcom: (6/13/02 5:20:39 pm)

My name is Ali and I have lived in San Antonio all of my life.

I have also lived in a subdivision behind Old Blanco Road

::called Churchill Forest:: for about 11 years now. I was

surfing the web looking for the ocasional "urban legend"

and came upon the title...The Donkey Lady. I had

completely forgotten about her!! The whole neighborhood

told their children the story of the donkey lady so they

wouldnt wander out into the creek at night or play on the hazardous ravines of the Salado Creek (which runs behind

and to the side of the neighborhood). I remember how

some friends and I would often venture into those woods

telling the tales of the Donkey Lady. I cant say that I have

seen or even heard the donkey lady but there is something

evil about that creek which lies behind the old ballroom

Roaring 20s (which has also given me some supernatural

experiences). I am only 17 years old and me and my

parents moved into Churchill Forest when I was 5. Ever

since we moved in, that creek has haunted me in my

dreams. I have dreamt of finding two dead red head twins

on Vulker Lane (the thicky wooded path along the

creek)...every time i awake from the dream, the smell of

death still lingers on my face. I have had that dream for

about 9 years now. I have dreamt of wolves chasing me in

the creek. I have dreamt of an invisible beast who

consumes whatever comes into its path. I have had

countless nightmares, all taking place in this area of the

suspected Donkey lady. There is some spiritual connection

between me and that creek, I have always felt that it would

be the death of me. Anyways, that area has been subject

to much evil. Deer are found mutilated unnaturally, evil

doers and worshippers hold their rituals there, i have

ocasionally seen men having intercourse there, and the

creek is littered with trash dating back to the 20s, 30s and

even 40s (especially behind the Roaring 20s). There has

extremely ominous and evil presence. I never go near the

area at night. Now i will talk about the Roaring 20s. Im not

quite sure how long it has been there, but its exremely old.

They shut it down about a couple of years ago after the

ity said it would be too costly to repair. It looks like a little

brown house that would belong in the country...connected

to it looks like a old, torn down, and burnt school

house...which they never fixed...even when the dance hall

was open. Currently it is shut down and signs warning

intruders of prosecution are posted all around its premises.

Supposedly its also guarded by a big dog, which i have

never seen. Anyways, before it was shut down, i would

take walks around it. Once i took my dog Spot on a walk

there. On one side of the dancehall, the base of the

buliding is made up of some type of sheet metal. I opened

one corner and flashed my light into the darkness. There

were about 4 beutiful classic cars in there...from the 30 40

or 50s...all hidden underneath the building I imagined dead

bodies in the trunk or homeless people living between the

cars so I fled. Not completely overtaken by

curiosity still had the best of me. I had never gone into the

decrepit part of the building and I figured now was my

chance. I went into the building. It was dark and I was

surrounded by rotting wooden walls and fallen

beams...including old schools desks, gas stoves, and

furniture from the 20s. 30s, and 40s. I felt eyes on my

back so i twirled around and I heard little pattering feet and

the giggle of a little girl. All of a sudden i was encompased

in a tunnell of faint wind and i heard the sound of the

distant giggles of little children. My dog went nuts...he

bared his teeth and barked like crazy. I was out of there in

an instant. I have also seen the doors of the dancehall

slam open and shut with no one in the building, or no

owners parked in the parking lot. That was scary.. But the

Roaring 20s, the creek, Vulkers lane, and beneath that little

bridge...there is something there. Donkey Lady, forest

spirits, evil, call it what you will. There still remains a

magnetism between me and that whole area. I still think it

will be the death of me.


I don't know. This one kind of has the feel of someone embroidering their own spooky legend out of things they have actually heard. I do like hearing more about the Roaring 20s Club, though I suspect that the site is a lot less interesting than this writer opines. Maybe I'll write to the woman in the local paper who does a column on old San Antonio.


SoNRiZaS: (8/12/02 8:13:43 am)








Obviously Smiles is taking the piss out of the whole thing.


Anyway - today was OK. Very tiring. My feet hurt like hell. Verona will call tonight to let me know if she'll be home Wednesday or Friday. Sigh. My life would be a little less complicated if it were Friday --- but I do miss her and would prefer Wednesday. Besides, the sooner I learn to balance work and relationship (and housework) the better off I will be.



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