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2003-07-15 - 8:51 a.m.

Well - Saturday we had a disheartening talk with a friend. Also, Vero bought her truck. Yesterday I helped her deliver her car to her mom's house and rode around with various family members in her new truck. Oh, and Sunday night the dog and I went to the emergency vet clinic.

I heard a loud noise in the backyard - kind of a CRASH-scuffle noise - so I went out to investigate and discovered the dog had pulled down an immense tower of stuff. I was grumpily picking it all up when I found the Amdro bottle. For those of you not in Texas, this is really powerful and poisonous fire ant killer. It's also insidious because they like the taste and eat it up gladly. The plastic lid was gone. I went searching for it and found it strewn with the dog's other belongings - all chewed up with little wet Amdro particles clinging to it. So I grabbed the dog and we went to the emrgency clinic.

At the clinic I was so nervous that I tripped over the dog and broke my glasses. They gave him the charcoal so he could throw everything up and I had to wait for about an hour. While I was there a couple and their two teeangers brought in the family pet to be put to sleep. They were all crying. Also, a man picked up his pit bull whose ears he had had docked. The idiot puts this studded collar with a big chain leash on him and the dog rubbs his recently stitched ears against the chain and blood starts squirting everywhere. It was horrible. Just so that macho jackass can have a tough looking dog. People are such fools. Luckily, our dog was OK and came out of the experience.

I'll tell you about the other stuff later. Remind me!



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