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2004-11-16 - 6:24 p.m.

Today was boring. We are administering a field test for ETS (Ed. Test. Services) and nothing is more tedious than watching kids take a test. We have three more days to go. I can already feel my eyes rolling back up into my head.

I wish the Thanksgiving holiday would start.

My inservice went well, apart from the fact that there weren't enough people there. When there are too few, everyone is afraid to talk. I don't know why. In grad school the classes were small and no one ever shut up. Maybe teachers are just too weary on the weekend to talk too much.

I have to start my Xmas shopping. I know what I want to make Verona, but I need to start. As for everyone else, ?

Vero says she thinks I have adult ADD. Hmph. I disagree.



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