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2003-07-06 - 10:51 a.m.

I have been attempting to read Ana's diary entries, but it is such slow going for me. I am thinking about taking real Spanish (as opposed to the paltry, slangy stuff I have picked up at school) at the University of Mexico downtown.

It keeps raining and then quitting here. Raining and quitting. It's not a bad thing; it's just always a little surprising. You get settled in for a long rain and it quits. It's a good day for reading and zine-making, but I'm obligated to go see my folks. And I do want to go see them ... but I'm also very lazy and just want to stay home.

Yesterday we went to look at trucks. Vero is thinking about buying a new vehicle. We also went to the mall to get her a new outfit. She has a big meeting this week. I like her outfit. It's not a suit --- instead, it's a fitted jacket with a long skirt that really hugs her curves. I like it. She also got new shoes and I bought her a purse.

I read this book called Gay Old Girls by Zsa Zsa Gershick and I fell in love with this one woman named Valerie Taylor. Then I looked her up on the web and she had died. I was so sad --- as if I had known her and lost her. She was really an amazing person. You should look her up on the web.

I'm thinking about doing a web page on San Antonio. The official one,, isn't really MY San Antonio, and I suspect a lot of folks feel the same. I've started looking up stuff to link to and I've been thinking about what to write about. The only problem is that I think it will have to be officially distinct from this one, because I still need to be concerned about remaining anonymous. I have got to find a job where it doesn't matter... or society has got to catch up to me.

The search diaryland function --- only 1 of the most recently updated diaries with the word "lesbian" in the description even have a diary ... and she hasn't updated since November 2001. And this includes the two people who think that thespian is spelled thesbian and then wrote pissy little "no-I'm -not-a-lesbian" addenda.

Color me disappointed...



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