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2002-01-07 - 8:00 p.m.

My goodness! My internet provider had locked me out because they hadn't received my payment. It took over 2 weeks for my check to travel the 75 miles to Austin.

So, we are back at school. Actually, no kids till Thursday. Today we just hung out and talked. It's called a work day, and I had plenty of work I could've done, but nary a finger did I lift! I wasted pretty much the whole day talking and eating candy. It was nice to see everyone again and just talk to them in the leisurely way we hardly ever get to enjoy. I like almost everyone at my school. There are lots of good people there. Tomorrow we are doing a team building activity (the ROPES course --- but the cheap version --- instead of going to the woods and climbing trees it'll be held in the cafeteria and I guess we/they will be climbing the walls). I was going to be a good egg and go, but I got put on a team with one of the few folks I absolutely cannot stand ... so I am calling in sick. I am a bad person. Que sera sera.

I got to hear the story of the Buddhist wedding that two fellow teachers had (sans elephant, sadly). That was interesting. We also talked about college activism, the science of Star Trek, broken bones, infomercials and their sick allure, and Epilady vs. Nadds (that deliciously obscene sounding hair removal system from Australia). Any day with that many conversational topics in it has to be good.

I've been reading almost nonstop (especially with no internet service). Verona got me From Dawn to Decadence, Artemesia, and the new John Adams bio for Christmas. I've been working my way through them, plus a fabulous autobio about growing up in East Texas called The Liar's Club by Mary Karr. It absolutely describes East Texas. Some of this book sounds like it could've been written by my mom ... if she could be persuaded to write about her childhood. So I've been reading, working on the zine, doing my grades, and going out to tut tut at the house. Busy busy life.

Well, this is a short one. I just wanted to show my face in the land of the living once more. Now I'm off to see what y'all been up to!



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