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2003-07-04 - 5:22 p.m.

Today Verona told me that at a meeting she had early in the week (it was at the headquarters of some company that is connected to hers in some mysterious, multi-national way, this PhD said that the reason kids who take the Spanish state-mandated test score lower than those who take the English is because "they all are from a lower socio-economic group."

Shocked, I asked her, "What did you say?" expecting that she had blistered the paint in the room.

She said, "I couldn't say anything."

We discussed the stupidity and bias inherent in this woman's remark, Vero's distress that most of the people in the room agreed with her, and the fact that ... nah! it couldn't be that these kids are within three years of having been uprooted from their home, their language, their country and thrown into the Texas public school system. Nah! That would make too much sense!

Not to even mention the arrogant racism and presumption in this woman's comment. How can people be so stupid?

It reminded me of an entry a friend of mine wrote not so long ago so I went to revisit it. You should too. Here it is.



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