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2003-07-26 - 10:21 p.m.

Obviously, as people keep getting here through a search for the donkey lady I should mention her occasionally. I'll have to find new stories.

Don't feel like doing trip diary tonight. Verona and I just finished watching two movies. The second was Kissing Jessica Stein which was cool up until the part where they broke up and Jessica became straight again. Didn't like that part. But I'm biased.

Verona is coming upstairs in a little bit to show me her (our) nephew's website. Sadly, I cannot link to it for you because then you might know who we are. Right now she's on the phone with her mom. They talk every night. I love my parents and all, and not to sound ugly and ungrateful, but I don't think I could come up with 30-45 minutes worth of discussion with them every day. We just aren't as verbal. Never have been. And it's only recently that they even seem to LIKE me.

Today was good. We hung out and enjoyed being home again. Played with the dog. Did some birthday shopping for our friend who bailed on us for the trip. Didn't return phone messages. We were lazy. We also went out to eat at our favorite Thai restaurant. We discussed whether we should start socializing more - doing the friend thing. We have lots, but none of them are close right now.

I used to have tons of friends, but I just let most of them slip away. I guess it's my innate laziness or lack of depth, maybe, but it was easier to go it alone. Honestly, some of them weren't worth keeping. I knew some people from college who loved to have me around as a drama or a comedy and loved the attention they got hanging out with the chick with the colored hair, but in the end they were not worth it. I'm sorry it took me so long to learn this. And the people that I was closest, too, with a couple of exceptions, were the people who moved away. For instance, my friend who wrote the article about Iceland (in issue 4, if you've read it) is still in California and when she finishes her PhD I'm sure she won't be moving back here. My other friend, the archeologist, is still in Virginia at the Smithsonian and she doesn't even call me when she's in town anymore. Anyway, this all sounds very self-pitying and to some degree it is, but the point is that I know lots of cool, creative, and intelligent people now and I feel like we need to give these relationships with people a chance. Vero believes that you can't depend on anyone but your family. Maybe she's right. She probably is. But I think it's good and healthy to have close friends around.

I've been downloading the trip pictures. We also took a lot of non-digital ones, including black and white. I have been encouraging Vero to get back into photography. She used to develop her own prints, etc. I'd like her to get back into that.

She's getting off the phone. See ya!



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