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2004-11-01 - 6:34 p.m.

I have a list of stuff to do as long as my arm and here I am messing around on the internet. And I don't even have anything significant to say.

But, honestly, when do I ever!? I've been reading the info on about campaign contributions to the candidates. I'm building tomorrow's lesson around it.

I keep getting kicked off the internet - I hate dialup.

Today was kind of a crappy day. I wasn't in the mood for anything. Then we were preached at by the stupid Special Ed. diagnostician. I hate that woman. She sounds like an enthusiastic and whiny cheerleader (very peppy) and yet always manages to sound like she believes that we Regular Ed. teachers are (1) ignorant and (2) insensitive to/about special education. I hate her.

I need to quit because I'm not saying anything positive or even neutral.



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