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2002-10-02 - 10:47 p.m.

I am so very tired. This week is just dragging. I'm finally getting to the end of "Baby, I Don't Care" - the Robert Mitchum biography. It's really tarnishing my opinion of him. I guess nihilism is only appealing froma safe distance. I've also been reading the Herrera bio of Frida. It's really good. I've just been in a biography mood. That, and dictionaries.

Did I mention I was tired? I am very run down, despite my best efforts to reform myself. And I guess I am dreading the weekend, because that's when I'll get my test results. I'm half concerned at what I might learn ... and half concerned that I won't learn anything.

Someone sent me an email at my yahoo account - flirting with me! She said she liked what I had on my profile. I don't know what that could be because I didn't even bother to fill it in with the usual lies and misinformation. Very strange. Anyone who sends me a flirtatious email on the strength of that yahoo profile must be truly hard up. Plus, pretty much everywhere I generally include the fact that I'm in a "committed domestic partnership."

I also stupidly joined a mail art listserv thinking I'd have time to do a few projects only to discover that it is a battleground for people who are for and against mail art, posting fake mail art calls, flaming each other, etc. How pathetic. Firstly, why do people care what other people do who aren't hurting others? And secondly, even granting that mail art is a waste of time (which I don't agree with - how can human contact through the arts be a waste of time?), isn't sabotaging mail art and then chortling about it on a listserv an even bigger waste of time? Anyway, I'll be dropping that list.

I'm going to sleep.



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