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2002-09-09 - 4:58 p.m.

I am stalling ... I should be working on my grades. Progress reports are coming up. Sigh. I hate grading worksheets. I don't give very many, but I have this one class that needs to drill on mechanics and so I've given them about three worksheets. No big deal - just one class, right? Except there are 33 kids in there, so make that almost 100 worksheets to grade tonight. Sigh. Of course, if I'd graded them when they handed them in I wouldn't be doing all of them in one night. But I'd rather suffer and be miserable one night a week than do school work EVERY FREAKING NIGHT!

Here's a treat for you. I picked up a note today:

Hey girl

about that letter suposely the last one I dont think so I do want letters from you and I guess I do under stand about me writting to you and but if I say yes that me writting letters to you'll have to writte to me ok. well I will writte letters to you but you have to writte letters to me ok. Well I'm writting this letter to you because about the last letter you wrote to me well I want to say about Dolores I dont like her I love you and nobody else and I don't like Dolores at all. Well I also wanted to tell you I dont want you to hang with Robert Garcia no more you know the one with the braces or however you spell that ok. Well let me writte about the dance I dont want you to where anything freaky and I don't want you to be all up on some girl cause that is just wack ha ha ha. yes I know I'm funny. Well I'm really going to be at the place where you can bye food nah I'm just playing I am going to be with you most of the time ok. I am going to tell the dj that it is Bonnie's birth day nah I dont know well I dont know what else to writte.

Ps. I want to play basketball with you ok.

Well Love U alot Gloria Castellano


OK. Well. OK. Poor David can't spell to save his life, but I think it's a bigger problem that he's telling Gloria what to wear, who to hang out with, how to dance, etc. I wonder if the way the girls dance sometimes ("all up on") is a power play thing. I always figured they were emulating videos or showing off for the boys, but maybe its a female power thing. I don't know. Nah.



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