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2002-03-31 - 8:05 p.m.

Good day. Crap ending.

Verona showed her mom and family the house and her mom made her feel like shit for moving out. Basically she told her, "It'll be like when your father died." How dare she. First of all, it isn't like that. Verona isn't dying; she's moving 15 minutes away. Second, the deal is already done and now she lays this enormous guilt trip on her? If I were Verona I'd be angry (can you tell I'm angry on her behalf?). Then her mom said she didn't think I should move into the house (the COC-safe story is that I'm the roommate who helps to pay bills) because they wouldn't feel comfortable doing the family thing over there. I seriously hope she isn't planning to do that family thing there at our house. I mean, my parents will come by (especially in the beginning) but they aren't doing any family thing at our house. They already know that. The problem is that Vero's mom still acts like she's a little kid.

I'm really burned up about this because we had such fun on Saturday enjoying OUR space. I think Verona should just move out as soon as possible and let her family get over its problems (the major one being that she will no longer be the one who is "sacrificed" because she is supposedly still single and is female) when they're good and ready. Why should she wait around for them to get over themselves? Delaying moving is just going to give them more ammunition. Let them get used to the idea while she starts enjoying her independence.

One more thing. I'm glad she got this little shot in. They were complaining that this was so sudden and she pointed out that the house has been in construction since the fall and never once did they express interest in seeing it or even seeing photos. She mentioned that this is a major event in her life, and no one gave a damn.




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