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2003-07-11 - 7:33 p.m.

Dulce used to work at what is now also my former employer (as of today - yea!), and what she says about the demographics in different areas of the company seems largely true even today. What's sad is that some of the racist comments are being made at state departments of education ... who is looking out for the kids? I was cooling my heels next to someone's cubicle, waiting to pick up some paperwork so I could leave and I started reading all the stuff people had posted on their semi-walls. Most of it was funny, but one guy had a fake question posted that I guess was a jab at so-called political correctness. It was a math problem wherein the protagonist was a handicapped Native American girl. I guess he thought it was humorous. Or maybe he is secretly pissed off that test questions are supposed to reflect the diversity of our culture.

I am glad to be gone from there --- though I'm going to keep in touch with some of my fellow teachers. Some of them were really nice. I realize I mostly have harped on the crappy people out there. I met some really cool permanent employees out there and some excellent teachers.

I just "came out" to two people I used to teach with ---- like a coward, through the email. They were secretly hooking up at the same time that Verona and I were doing the same. They are both really cool, creative, smart people and I would like to be able to be real friends with them, as opposed to holding them at arm's length like I do everyone else I know through school.

I read other people's entries and they're so long. Maybe I'm just lazy. I can't seem to think of much to say at one time. Oh! If you are interested in getting issue 4, email me with your address. And you have to make me an offer, because I don't do money; I do trades!



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