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2003-07-17 - 10:37 a.m.

At the risk of beating the subject to death, and keeping in mind some of Maile's thoughts on the topic, I am still somewhat obsessing about our friend. I don't know if he feels like a third wheel. Maybe. I've had friends who were in relationships and hung out with them and their significant other a lot and I only felt out of place if I didn't know the significant other very well. When they were both friends I felt comfortable. Maybe I'm just oblivious. maybe behind my back they were making faces at me, thinking, "Go home already!" I can be hard-headed that way.

Vero is coming home early from work today so we can do some getting ready for trip type stuff. I'm excited, but I do have some trepidation. I always get a little nervous before a big road trip. We usually have one major fight per trip --- hopefully this will not happen this time.

I dyed some shirts last night and was very disappointed to see how pastely they came out. Dull muted colors and kind of tie dyey. And the lettering I did in sharpie on one doesn't look as cool as it did back in high school when I made myself a crass t-shirt. Sigh. I have this great quote and I want to make a really neat looking shirt for it. It's from an Indigo Girls song - it's actually just a piece of one line, but it really hit me hard when I heard it. It reminds me of myself and, I suppose if I can be grand for a moment, my purpose.

Seeking clarity.

That's all. It sounds kind of trite when you look at it all alone on the line --- but at the same time I think that kind of simplicity is actually a lot more deep and affecting than a long philosophical discussion.

And now I have to go give the dog a bath.



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