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2004-11-04 - 4:37 p.m.

Today was so shitty. I cried in the car coming home from work and had to call Verona for some bucking up. I was supposed to go to an inservice until 6:30, but instead I came home. Screw them. I don't care.

Why don't parents teach their children some fucking manners? I am so sick of being treated like dirt. Some of the behavior today would have been laughable, except that it's totally disruptive and ruins the class. Because of course everyone stops working to loook and see why Edgar is throwing my supplies around the room (a full box of pencils went sailing across the room) and why Harold is cursing and why Marmaduke is shoving me and why Gretchen is loudly repeating everything I say. What is wrong with these children? What is wrong with parents who allow their children to behave like this? I called Edgar's mother and she said, doubtfully, "Well, I'll talk to him."

I can't imagine what would've happened to me had I behaved like that. It would never have entered my mind to act like that - and I was not a model student. I did my share of time in the principal's office, but I never would've behaved like the kids I dealt with today.

Then I come home and I see a pile of papers to grade and lessons to plan and all the other bullshit that I lug home every night for the other 3-4 hours of my job. Why?

The thing that really gets me is that the kids who act like this are not getting an education. So they will flunk out or drop out (after several years of screwing up other kids' education) in high school because they can't pass TAKS. Then, as a provision of NCLB, the military recruiter will contact them, they'll be whisked off into the service to go die in one of George W. Bush's wars.

Did I mention that some stupid teachers at my school voted for Bush? They have only themselves to blame when NCLB destroys the public school system - which of course is the intent of the legislation. Bush doesn't want to fix public ed - he wants to privatize it.

I'm so pissed off!!!!!!!! Have you ever cried out of sheer rage?



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