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2003-07-30 - 2:57 p.m.

Hey - I made a couple of changes (ie. improvements) in the last entry so you might wanna go check it out.


Cortez. I forgot to mention that the night before we had dinner at a place called Main Street Brewery and Restaurant and it was good. We were just too tired to want to eat much. Do you ever feel like that? Anyway, at the time as we drove through the area we made little remarks like, "What a shame we won't get to explore this nice little town." (yes, we talk like people in a book)

Wednesday morning we packed the truck, had breakfast, checked out, and Verona got behind the wheel. She turned the key and ... nothing. She did it again. Nothing. We popped the hood and I could hear the starter click when she turned the key but that was all. One of the battery terminals had a lot of corrosion (it had been pristine before we left SA) so we figured the battery was bad. A man very kindly (Colorado!) offered to jump the truck and he tried, but it would not turn over. So we walked about a half mile to a Goodyear Tire/Garage and they promised to send a tow truck. We started walking back and, when we got there, the tow was there. I took a very sad photo of the truck being loaded on the tow. The driver gave us a ride back and he comforted us, saying, "Half of my business in the summer is visitors. It'll probably be easy to fix."

At the shop the manager said it would be the afternoon before they could do anything about it. We sat there for a while and had a good conversation with a Ute woman. She was there having her van fixed. She drives the van for the Ute Mt casino on the reservation just south of Cortez. She told us a funny stor about a man leaving his cell phone on the van and hearing this mysterious ringing as she was driving. Then she told some stories about her grand daughter. Like everyone else we met in Colorado, she was exceedingly nice and friendly.

We finally decided to take a walk and headed for the main drag, about a mile walk. We passed a prairie dog colony next to the McDonalds and walked through the awakening town.



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