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2002-03-31 - 6:53 a.m.

We now have a fridge, a washer, and a dryer. You don't know what this means for me! I have been doing laundry up the street at the laundramat for 6 years. I've had a fridge that worked so poorly it only kept milk without spoiling for 4 to 5 days. Not to mention the brand new stove (the one in the apartment is a cooktop only - that occasionally leaks gas) and a dishwasher (I've never had one). Sometimes money (combined with other stuff) can indeed buy happiness.

There is this billboard off the highway two exits away from where I turn every day that has the Lotto amount and usually, when I notice it, I think, "Hmmm ... maybe we should buy a lotto ticket." We hardly ever do, but there is that underlying wish to win all that money, as if it could solve any problems we might have. Yesterday I drove past it and caught myself thinking, "21 million ... nah, don't need it." I guess I am satisfied with my life.

Our house is so beautiful. We put all of our art in it yesterday (priorities!). It is so wonderful to see those pieces in there - it made the house truly feel like home. We also moved in all of the sports equipment (except the bikes) and her drum set. Monday is another big moving day. Luckily I have it off from work. My neighbors are already gearing up to celebrate Easter. I'm not a Christian, but even I know that it is inappropriate to celebrate the resurrection of Christ with beer drinking and loud music! Maybe they are pagans - I'm not a pagan either, but isn't Easter a remnant of a European pagan fertility festival? Loud music and booze seems to fit more with that.



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