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2003-07-02 - 8:46 p.m.

Tomorrow I am going to go apply for another job. This woman who is in the summer program with me (after she told me about how she and her "roommate" bought a house and then split up --- poor teachers, we still have to be so careful) told me I needed to just do it or I would be bitter because I lost the opportunity. So I worked on my resume and got all my paperwork in order.

Now I just need to pay the bills which I so hate doing. I put it off as long as I possibly can ... and longer, but I've GOT to take care of it tonight.


They had a "wellness fair" at work to day and most of the stuff was good --- info on cancer, heart disease, food irradiation, etc. and lots of places to sign up for sport groups (since I'm only a temporary hire I can't sign up - more's the pity), but the stands that blew me away were the food stands. Sandwich meat? Slim Fast? Pepsi?! Are they insane. By what stretch of the imagination are these companies concerned with real health and wellness? Then on NPR I hear that Kraft will be putting less food in their packages to encourage us weak-willed Americans to eat less. That's great --- except I'm sure the price won't go down. I have to think it's more about squeezing out more profit, not saving out health.



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