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2003-06-20 - 8:33 p.m.

Well, today was OK. I actually don't have much to say. So why write? I guess it's good discipline - even if it's drivel.

Work was tiring and intense today. I inadvertantly got a friend in some trouble. She says that it's not my fault - but I can't help but feel responsible. I called my mom to make plans to celebrate my parents' anniversary and she sounded down. A lot of little, exhausting stuff. I just want to watch Monk and drink some tea and relax, but I'm all edgy. I hate the feeling of being tired and wired.

I don't even feel like reading, which is a very bad sign. I've been trying to get into this book called G-Man. It's an autobiography from 1957 written by a Nazi-hatin', Red-baitin', homosexual mockin', "Negro" discountin' FBI man about his (boring) adventures in the 1940s (during the war). I assumed that, even with his rampant bigotry that the setting would make it interesting and as a historical document it would be riveting. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is so ploddingly written that I keep putting it down.

Sigh. Hey, I just noticed how excitingly cool and concise my little titles look down there. I am SO cool!



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