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2002-08-17 - 8:28 a.m.

School starts Monday. I am not ready at all.

It is still difficult for me to integrate my old life (or habits, I guess) into my new life. For instance - I used to go online, update the diary, email, etc. late at night. Now ... well, there's someone else here and it's not the same. I haven't yet figured out how to carve out space for me to continue being at least the best parts of me. Living with someone makes changes - and to be honest, both of us are past the age where we accomodate change easily. This summer has been very difficult - very stressful and tiring. I've gotten to know her a whole lot better - and it isn't always good. Just like, I'm sure, she's learned some unflattering things about me.

Well, this year I have another lesbian student. When we were doing the team lists, I requested her. I also went to the Gay and Lesbian Center at the MCC and picked up information on a youth group they have there. I am considering volunteering for the group - but I don't know. I like having lots of free time, even though I don't do much that is constructive with it. I think I need to regain my equilibrium and balance my life out again before I start huge new projects/ investments of time and energy.

We have a new principal. He seems like he'll be better than the last one. My only concern now is that all of our administrators are white and our student body is about 98% Hispanic with the remaining 2% or so being a mixture of Asian, African-American, Native American, and, occasionally, white kids. I feel like the kids need to see some role models in the power positions at school who share their ethnicity. Plus, not one of the administrators speaks Spanish which is inexcusable in a school where many of our parenst and community members are recent immigrants and/or don't speak English well enough to communicate comfortably with the school.

But what do I know?



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